Counseling at St. Mary's of the Immaculate Conception School

Why Do We Provide School Counseling?
  • We believe the elementary school years set the tone for developing knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for our children to become Christ-centered, confident, and competent learners.
  • We believe the middle school years are a time for students to continue their personal growth through acquiring positive social skills and values, setting appropriate career goals and realizing their full academic potential while becoming productive, Christ-centered, contributing members of the world community. 
  • We believe in creating a caring climate and positive school community.
  • We believe that by providing education, prevention, early identification and intervention, School Counselors can help all children achieve academic and personal success.

How Do We Provide Counseling?

  • The counselor will provide school counseling services aligned with the philosophy of St. Mary’s under the direction of the Oakland Diocese. 
  • School Counseling services will address the unique needs of our school community.
  • In collaboration with parents, staff, and community the counselor will support our children in achieving their highest potential spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally.

What Does Our Counseling Program Offer?

  • Services include individual, small group, and whole-class counseling.
  • Referrals, coordination of services, and consultation.
  • Additional support to students, staff, and parents.
  • Some of the topics addressed include:  social skills, making friends, conflict resolution, problem solving, communication, parental separation/divorce, goal setting, decision making, bullying, positive self-image, anger and aggression, emotional intelligence, test taking skills, study skills, organization, college and career planning.
  • Any additional topics you believe would benefit our school community.

When Are These Services Available?

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8:30-1:30.
  • Before and after school by appointment.
Where Can You Find The Counselor?
  • The counseling office is located upstairs near the Library.
  • Please stop by, call, email or contact your child's classroom teacher if you are interested in having your child receive counseling.